Welcome to Hout.us, a website for The Hout Family Archive.  My objective is to provide a focal point for all members of the Hout family, and to promote kinship between Houts.  I encourage the study and research into traditions, our German heritage, and our Hout history.

If you are descended from, or are married to a Hout, Brechtel, Daniels, Dill, Precht(e)l, Wegemer, or among over 300 other surnames that have made our family to what it is today, then you are one of us.  We are all cousins, and I am pleased you are here.

This website is closed to the public.   You may gain access to Hout.us by connecting through Facebook, Google, Paypal, Twitter or Yahoo!.  If you prefer not to use one of the social media listed, you may e-mail mail@hout.us and an username and password will be e-mailed to you.

Upon joining The Hout Family Archive, you will be asked to submit as much genealogy information as possible about your ancestry for cross reference and entry into the Hout Family Archive genealogical database.  Membership Application.

Please visit often,

Matthew T. Hout-Reilly
President / CEO
The Hout Family Archives